About Tarun Sardesai


Director of instruction at the champion reef golf academy

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Tarun Sardesai
My Coaching Philosophy


In 2004, I made the transition from playing professionally to teaching full time, imbibing the style and teaching philosophy of my Coach and Guru, Donato Di Ponziano.

My mantra is to give young golfers what I wish I had when I was growing up playing the sport, i.e. quality golf instruction.

Teaching is my passion. I am a mentor to my students and a hands-on coach involved in every aspect of their game. This I believe will always be my strength.

My quest for knowledge has led me to deepen my understanding of the science of training. Between, TrackMan, SAM PuttLab, the AimPoint Green-Reading system and a team of experts, I strive to leave no stone unturned when it comes to training and mentoring players who have ambitions in the sport.

In early 2013 I set-up base at Champion Reef Golf County(Now Zion Hills Golf County) to build a junior development program rooted in creating a love for the game and nurturing talent.

I conduct classroom sessions on aspects such as routines, handling pressure, discipline, rules etc. and have a weekly reporting system that allows parents and students to stay informed about progress, practice and ongoing training.

I realised that my forte was in elite player development and I knew I had to move to a system that nurtured talent and took them all the way to the elite level. This led to the birth of the TSG Full Time Program, a first of its kind in the country. This system brought together golf coaching, sports science and education all of which are essential to creating champions.