NR Group is an organization built on a foundation of being socially conscious and one that has grown into one of the most trusted and beloved brands in India with its roots seeped in many a household and its impact stretching across the globe.

Trailing a blaze of incense and branching out to some of the most modern technologies while still being socially impactful reflects the essence of the NR Group of companies. The journey began in 1948 as “Mysore Products and General Trading Company” with a belief structured around “Quality backed with services will pay” and later led to the formation of the flagship brand and the largest incense stick manufacturing company in India – Cycle Pure Agarbathies.

NR Group continues to derive its guiding pillars of integrity, consistent quality, customer responsiveness and a genuine concern for social causes.

The NR Group has partnered with TSG Academy to help players in need of financial help to achieve their goals in golf.


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