TSG with a mission to provide a quality, professionally run, equal opportunities tour in a safe, friendly and fun environment for the junior golfers, conducts a series of tournaments at various golf courses in Bangalore.



Sumeir Chawla

Sumeir is a very talented young golfer and has been playing the game since the age of 6. He enjoys cycling , foot massages and annoying his brother Sanat who has also just made an entry into the world of tournament golf. He is currently training with Bamby Randhawa and is doing extremely well on the Local and South Zone tours. He has won about 22 tournaments so far.
He has an amiable personality and loves eating butter chicken, chinese food, pasta and corner house ice cream. He idolises Jordan Spieth and we hope to see him rubbing shoulders with the best in the business soon.

Dia Cris Kumar

Dia has been playing golf since she was 5 years old and has done well so far in the under 9 category for girls. She is a happy go lucky girl who enjoys being on the golf course. Apart from golf she enjoys drama, art, swimming, piano and mathematics. She is training under coach Bamby Randhawa and has won 2 tournaments so far on the Bangalore junior golf circuit.
Dia is a foodie and idolises Tiger Woods.

Dwij Bhattacharjee
Gyan Mayank D.R.
Durga Nittur
Ketaki Sood
Tanishka Prithvi Domnic
Anoushka Kannan


Order of Merit


Rank Name Total Score BJGT T1
1 Sumit Kotwal 30 30
T2 Tej Gangavarapu 25.5 25.5
T2 Aditya Natekar 25.5 25.5
T4 Suwaid Mohsin 19.5 19.5
T4 Aryan Roopa Anand 19.5 19.5
6 Shreyas N K 15 15
7 Sabiq Saleem Baji 12 12
8 Sumith Chandra 9 9
9 Ashvik V Raju 6 6
Rank Name Total Score BJGT T1
1 Sumit Kotwal 30 30
2 Aditya Natekar 27 27
3 Shreyas N K 24 24
4 Sabiq Saleem Baji 21 21
5 Sumith Chandra 18 18
Rank Name Total Score BJGT T1
1 Saurav Paruthi 30 30
2 Mahir Rakhra 27 27
3 Arnav Desai 24 24
4 Viyaan Prakash 21 21
Rank Name Total Score BJGT T1
1 Dwij Bhattacharjee 30 30
2 Akshar kumar 27 27
Rank Name Total Score BJGT T1
1 Gyan Mayank D.R. 30 30


Rank Name Total Score BJGT T1
1 Durga Nittur 30 30
2 Sneha Sharan 27 27
3 Ketaki Sood 24 24
Rank Name Total Score BJGT T1
1 Ketaki Sood 30 30
Rank Name Total Score BJGT T1
T1 Natasha Jaichandra 28.5 28.5
T1 Tanishka Prithvi Domnic 28.5 28.5
Rank Name Total Score BJGT T1
1 Bharti Mithra 30 30
2 Saanvi S 27 27
3 Nadia Aravind 24 24
4 Keerthana Rajeev 21 21
Rank Name Total Score BJGT T1
1 Anoushka Kannan 30 30
2 Dia Cris Kumar 27 27

About The Bangalore Junior Golf Tour


TSG Academy’s Bangalore Junior Tour provides a platform for all juniors to test their skills against the best in their respective age categories, open out the field for juniors from local and regional junior programs can test their skills against the best in the business, and thereby creates an atmosphere of learning and excellence

The tour is held at the KGA, BGC and Zion Hills. At the end of the year, the top 5 players in each category will be invited to play in the TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP, which will be held at one of the member clubs. This will be a 2 day event which will decide the champion golfer of the year in each category.

How to Register

Interested players, who are not registered on the website, should send the following details to

Player Name
Date of Birth
Parent’s Email ID
Parent’s Phone Number

Upon receiving the email, the team will register the player and send in the login credentials.

The tour fees is a one time payment to gain membership of the tour and has to be paid irrespective of the number of tournaments played. The tour fee for the 2018 tour is Rs. 3,200/-.

Watch the tutorial, TSG Tournament Entry Video to know more about website navigation, enter or withdraw from tournaments and making online payments.

For any questions on the same please contact
Babu : +91 98456 48446
or email us at